Introducing Meticulous ID

One ID to access all Meticulous tech

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Proof-of-humanity enables frictionless financial services

From under-collateralized borrowing to cross-border identity, proof-of-humanity is DeFi at global scale.
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KYC solution that is designed natively cross-border

Your data stays your data with Meticulous ID. It is never stored in any database or sold to 3rd parties.
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Maintain ownership of your private data with self-custody

Your credentials are only accessible by you and are customizable pending account link confirmation.
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How it works

Once a Meticulous ID has been created, it may be used across integrations to streamline authentication.
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Further together

Meticulous Identity puts our users' interests first while respecting regulation and reporting requirements.
Customize your profile's privacy settings with ease.
Credentials are hashed and encrypted ahead of storage.
Simplified user login with gesture and biometric auth.
Zero-knowledge, privacy preserving technology.
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